Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~Scrap fabric storage solution~

Like many of you who sew I find it hard to part with my scrap pieces of fabric. As long as the a large enough to be used in the future I keep them. Up until now I kept them in a mesh laundry bag. It has been overflowing for quite some time. I was shopping one day and found this nifty mesh shoe organizer. I knew instantly what to use it for. Fabric storage of course. Because it is mesh I can see my scraps and it had more room than I need. I use some of the pockets to keep jellyrolls, charm packs, and just random remnants that are too small to put on a mini bolt. For now, it is hanging on that exercise bar in the door way until I find a permanent home for it. I am in the middle of updating my sewing room so everything is kind of everywhere. ;) Hopefully I will have a bright, beautiful, functional sewing room to share with you soon. Until then if you have any neat storage ideas I am all ears. Feel free to share!

Sorry for the not so great photos .... it was late at night. ;)

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