Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aqua Chevron Wallet Giveaway!!!

This is a picture of Jenny's work. You can find these wallets in her shop SincerelyJen

Hi all!! Who doesn't love a beautifully constructed wallet in the latest fabric trend!?! Every woman is in search of the perfect wallet. You know that one that will hold all your cards, receipts, moneys, and various must haves but still look  beautiful.  We all want that! Beauty and functionality! Well I have found them!! My sweet friend Jenny @ SincerelyJen has opened a shop in Etsy selling just that. Her wallets are impeccable! She chooses the latest and greatest fabrics and gets to work. Her attention to detail is meticulous.
 A must have for every woman's accessory collection!!

Well guess what!? Jenny is giving one away!!!!! Check out her facebook page Here  and here is the link to enter her giveaway http://bit.ly/198Pwkt. The wallet she is giving away is from the stuff women dream about.....CHEVRON, OMBRE and AQUA! Ahhh! I know right! Isn't it fabulous!  It is absolutely gorgeous and you can bet it is as sturdy as it is beautiful.  So go check out Jenny and her shop! She really has a lot to offer with her beautiful wallets! So make sure to check out her on FB and Etsy. Don't forget to enter this wonderful giveaway! Again the link is http://bit.ly/198Pwkt and the giveaway will be open until Friday night at midnight. Good Luck!!


Check back soon for Japanese Stand Bound Book Pictures! They will coming to the shop soon! Good luck with the giveaway!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm still here...I promise! :)

Hey there!! Sorry I have been MIA lately. Loads of stuff going on. Had a wonderfully hot summer (could you hear the sarcasm) LOL Now we are onto Home Schooling! Yay!! It is only preschool but I want to be as organized and  efficient as possible so that I can  adjust to schooling before Kindergarten. So far it is a blast! K loves it! E, well sometimes he participates. He is not quite 3 yet so really isn't interested. We let him follow along when ever he feels the notion to. On sunday nights I sit down for a couple hours and prepare the next weeks work. I  had no idea  how much work goes into home schooling. Oh my goodness it is a lot but I feel like you get out what you put in. The extra time spent is well worth it. Loads of crafts and fun things. I was worried at first but I really enjoy it. Right now I am very happy with our decision. We will see how I feel by the end of the school year. Ha!

I have been binding and sewing. Japanese Stab Binding is my latest venture! I conquered it!! Will share pics when I finish a couple more. Really loving it! For sewing just stuff for friends and family. I have the most wonderful network of ladies I met through Baby Center and we all just finished a quilt for one of the girls in the group. It came out beautifully and is full of love. I am sure when it is all said and done we will each have a quilt that each of us contributed to. I will pee my pants if I get one! hehe Those ladies mean the world to me. Seriously like sisters. Anyway, I am rambling and I should be doing something else I am sure. You know sewing, binding, or dare I mention house work. :P I will try my best to get a new post up asap with pics of the latest binds, sewing, and maybe throw out some ideas for pre k homeschooling!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Free Printable Planner Pages!!

So as of lately I have added a little more to my plate with the shop and trying to be better about the blog and social media. With all that plus starting to home school things have been a bit scattered. I have felt that I am burning the candle at both ends trying to make things work and still have plenty of family time. My problem was there was no set plan or schedule. Organization is key. When I feel things get too hectic and chaotic I shut down and can't think. So I decided to grab the bull by the horns and get my crap together. Haha! So started the search for a planner. I found this good one and that good one but none of what I was looking for exactly.

Mr. Wonderful purchased Adobe Elements for me a few years ago and I decided to give it a go and see if I could create my own. I started with a list of what things I need and made my way from there. I knew right away a monthly and weekly calendar were needed. I meal plan so there would also need to be a meal plan page, grocery page, and holiday page. We host at least one big holiday a year and having a list keeps me on track. Then I started thinking of my chaos with blogging, the shop, and my mountain of WIP's and UFO's in my craft area. This called for a blog page, shop page, and craft page.

So after a few nights of playing with adobe I finally figured it out. After picking colors, fonts, and asking my friends a million times if this and that looked good I was happy with what I came up with. Guess what......I am sharing it with all of you for FREEE!!! :) I struggled to find one that was just right for me so hopefully this will help the next person who was in the same boat as I was. I hope you guys like them!


These are in no way, shape, or form perfect but pretty good considering it is my first time designing anything like this. I really like it and it is working well for me. I left things very open on every page so it is easy to customize it for your own needs. That was one of the problems I ran into looking for a planner. Most of the were beautiful and well thought out but some of the stuff I would never use. With mine I have put each page on it's own pdf so you can print exactly the ones you need. Now I am not charging anything for these. They are free to anyone who would like to try them out but I do ask that you use them for personal use only. It took a lot of work getting these together so please do not print and sell these. They are not for commercial use.

I have a picture of how I use my meal plan if anyone is interested. We do two weeks at a time and I start buy filling in the things I know that we need and are out of. Eggs, Milk, Cheese, you know the staples. Then I go through my sales paper and build meals by the proteins that are on sale. I usually shop at Publix. I know they can be on the higher end but if you shop wise and shop sales you really can save a lot and still get good quality food. We eat very little processed food and almost every meal I make is from scratch. Even quick mac and cheese. My grocery list may not reflect everything on my meal plan because I like to buy when things are on sale so I may have had things already. Take chickens for example, if there is a good deal I will buy a couple whole chickens and then break them down myself. Saves a ton of money. Now you will have to excuse my photos of the pages. I remembered to take the photos after I had been to the grocery store. Grocery shopping for me involves a 4 yr old and a 2 year old so I am lucky they are in one piece. Ha!

So I will share the pdf's below and if you try them out let me know how you like it. Who knows maybe I will print and bind some ready made planners for my shop.;)
Ok that is everything. I hope you enjoy them! There is a Printer Ink friendly version of the meal plan for those of you who do not want to use all that red to make the pink. It does use quite a bit of red ink. Again this is for personal use only. Please do not print for commercial use or to sell. These are property of PapertoThread.
Happy Planning!
Don't forget to check out my previous post for a chance to win a Jaws inspired cloth diaper!
Edited: There was a problem with the settings on sharing the pdf. I think all is cleared and anyone with the link should be able to download the pdf. So sorry! Thank you Shameaka for letting me know! If anyone else should have any problems please contact me and let me know. I am sorry for the delay.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cloth Diaper Giveaway!!!!!


Hi guys and gals!! Do you cloth diaper??  I think it is a wonderful thing. I know recently cloth diapering has come a long way as far as products on the market. Well, I think I just found the new big it thing amongst cloth diapers. My friend Tori over at  Nerd Fluff  makes some of the most amazing Cloth Diapers. Not just any diapers, custom character diapers!!!! So far she has released sneak peeks of Spiderman, Batman, Jaws, and even a cute Suit Up fluff! She will also be taking custom orders for special designs. She is so very creative. Her work is impeccable!  I really have never seen anything like these. I know she has a few more in the works that are a must see. So check back Here  to see her latest and greatest.

To celebrate the grand opening of her shop she is holding a giveaway. A "Jaws Butt" diaper will go to one lucky participant!!!!  She will be holding a week long giveaway for this little cutie. How fitting that it is also Shark week.:) This will be held from  July 28th until the 31st. So get over there and check it out. Do not miss out on this awesome giveaway! The Rafflecopter link will appear at the bottom of this page.


P.S. The Free Planner Pages will be up in the next post from me. I was having a technical difficulty loading the pages but it has been all cleared up. I will be getting the post together asap! Sorry for that small hiccup but that is modern technology for you.:)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Handmade Soap & Lip Balm Review!!!!

My sweet friend Sarah @ Spicy Pinecone sent me some fun new skin care products that she has just released in her shop.  They are Ah-Mazing!! Handmade soaps and lip balms!! I think I squealed like a little girl when I opened the box.  I have terribly sensitive skin. When I say sensitive I mean sensitive. Recently I tried the honey, lemon, cinnamon facial scrub that has been floating around pinterest and my face looked like a glowing Jack-O-Lantern in under two minutes. Needless to say I was so eager to try her products. And boy did she deliver, not one single irritation from any of her products!!!!! My skin has never felt or smelled better!:) All of her soaps smell just as pretty as they look.

Now I want to add I am not being paid for this post and nor do I work for Sarah. These are simply my own opinions on products that I love. Keep in mind all skin types are different so my experience may not be your experience.

So let's get to some photos and what my favorites were. I really love them all but of course there are a few that I use every single day. Like her Oatmeal soap. Heaven in a bar!! This is on my sink in my bathroom. I wash my hand with it every time I am in the bathroom. It leaves my skin so soft and smells divine. All her soaps are really great on the skin. You can tell she takes great pride in her work and the products she puts in her work. She uses high quality organic ingredients and you can really tell the difference. I also use the Calendula soap quite often on my face. It is full of those wonderful dried flowers that are great for exfoliating.

In this photo, starting at the top from left to right working your way down are : Calendula, Dragon's blood.
Next row: Rose Petal, Marrakesh. Third row: Oatmeal, Plumeria. Last row: Snicker Doodle.
 The Oatmeal has the such a sweet pleasant smell. I really love this one. The Marrakesh has a beautifully rich color to match it's scent. Plus when you lather it up you get these wonderful pinkish bubbles. Don't worry though it won't stain your skin or tub. :D I was hesitant to try the Rose Petal soap because I have a few family members who abuse rose perfume but I was really blown away with how subtle and pleasing the smell was. Sarah really has a nose for matching these scents. She matches and creates each individual soap. You will not find these anywhere else! P.S. I have a sensitive sniffer as well and can tell you that this will not over power or overwhelm you. They are just the right amount of perfect!;) Mr. Wonderful really liked the Dragon's Blood. He said it had more of a manly scent. I have used it and thought it smelled great for women too.

Since my skin is so very finicky I tend to stay away from too much product on my skin. Even shaving creams and gels irritate me so I usually just use soap. Well I can say these worked amazing well for shaving. They lather up beautifully and leave my skin oh so soft afterwards. No razor burn either!
In this photo there is: (Pink,Yellow, Blue, Green) Unicorn Poop (hehe my kids love this), (Red, White, and Blue) Freedom Soap (amazing lather and scent), (Crème and Brown marble) Lemon Poppy Seed Cake soap (smells like a baked good with real Poppy seed exfoliators!), (Green, Crème and Pink) Fruit-Plosion (amazing fresh fruity scent), (Orange, Blue, White, Lavender) Peacock Swirl (Nice clean scent), Last but not least is the (Brown, Green, Gold) Exotic Spice (heavenly scent!).

Oh and Check out this little cupcake above. Looks Yummy right.......It's soap!! Chocolate Biscotti to be exact and it smells scrumptious. I wouldn't recommend eating it though. ;) How cute is that!! Soap Cupcakes!

Onto her lip balms.  Now I am warning you, try these and you will never go back to any other lip product you used before. These are amazing!! The scents are dead on as far as their description. Again using all organic oils these are really great quality lip balms. She also just uses a scent and not a flavoring so you are not tempted to lick your lips. I use them all but think my two most used are Pink Frosting and Snow Cone. My lips are in heaven!


So if you really want to treat yourself or a friend (these make wonderful gifts) to some amazing products try these out. Your skin will thank you over and over again. I am in love with them and will be buying more when I run out for sure. I don't think I could ever go back to my old soap and balms now. These really are wonderful products filled with lots of love.
She also has some other amazing items in her shop so check her out Spicy Pinecone!!!!
Stay tuned my next post will be for a FREE PLANNER PRINTABLE! So excited for this one. It will include planner pages for your blog, shop, crafts, meal planning, weekly planner, and a calendar. Oh and did I mention it is FREE! Plus I will be release I sneak peak at a new shop item or two!! Keep an eye out for a giveaway post as well next week!!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Video Tutorial of the Pamphlet Style Children's Art Book ** Not a craft for children**

Hi all!! Here is the video tutorial as promised!!! Please go easy on me this is my first got at this. Ha Ha! I hope it is informative and very helpful. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave it in a comment or email me. I apologize for the less than stellar lighting a thunderstorm started just as I started recording. Please watch the video before attempting your own so that you are prepared. This will make for an easy and successful book.:)
I hope you all enjoy!!!
Oh and here is the link for CraftyLoops that I mention in the video CraftyLoops Youtube Channel
 If you would like to see the picture tutorial for this please click Here
Thank you all for watching!!! Feel free to leave me a massage, like or pin the video!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

~Pamphlet Style Childrens Art Book Tutorial~ **Not a childs craft**

Hi everyone! So here is the bind tutorial I promised on my last post. This is for a cute little pamphlet style book perfect for your little budding artist. I made my boys both one and they were over the moon about them. It is so cute to see them drawing and coloring in them. K, my 4 year old, loves getting his out to write list when I am jotting down project ideas or writing out my meal plan. It really is too cute. *****Warning This is not a child craft. This tutorial is for adults to create for kids. There are sharp and pointy tools used making this that are not appropriate for children to handle. Again, this is not a craft for children to do.*****
Okay so let's get to it. I should warn you there are a ton of pictures!:) I wanted to make sure things were clear and there are a few steps to properly achieve a good little book. So please read all instructions before starting your own book. It always help to read ahead so nothing comes as a surprise mid project. Oh and I also want to try my hand at a video tutorial so I am going to attempt that tomorrow on this same book.
Let's talk tools. You can make this book with tools any crafter would have. I have photos of both bookbinding tools and everyday household items that will work just as well. In the photo below you will see the book binding tools. An awl for punching holes, a bone folder for nice clean crisp folds, a bookbinders needle, and waxed thread for sewing the book together.
The second picture shows the everyday household products that can be used in place of the above items. A ruler for making crisp folds and measuring of course, embroidery thread for sewing,  an embroidery needle for sewing the book together and for using in place of an awl.

Tools you will need: 
 *An awl or thick embroidery needle
        * Embroidery Thread or Waxed Thread
             * Scissors or cutting tool
                          * Ruler for measuring and for folding if you don't have a bone folder
             *Bone folder (can use ruler in place of)
            *Bookbinding needle or Lg embroidery needle
*Card Stock
*Construction Paper
*Bees wax (optional for waxing thread)
Below is a picture of card stock and construction paper. I like to keep it bright and cheerful but you can do any colors you would like. You can do as many or as little as you would like. I just chose one of every color in my construction paper supply. You want to use card stock or a heavier paper for the front.

Let's begin! First you want to decide how big you want the book to be. This little book is roughly      5 1/2 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide when finished. Keep in mind that is finished size. So you will need to measure out your cover. You want the length double since you will be folding it in half. So my card stock was marked at 5 1/2 inches by 9 inches. I should also mention keep you cut so that the spine of the book will be parallel to the grain of the paper. More on paper grain the second paragraph below.

Now here you could just take your scissors and cut out your cover. I on the other hand seem to have a problem cutting a straight line. Ha! I like to use this handy paper cutting tool by Fiskar. It helps me to get a straight even cut. It also has a ruler on both sides so I can make sure everything is square before cutting.

Now for the construction paper. First a little lesson in paper. When paper is made by machine the pulp is all moved in one certain direction to create the paper. This means the fibers all run along the same grain. Why is grain important you ask. Well think of the fibers in the paper as a corrugated piece of cardboard. it easily bends one way and you get a lot of resistance the other way, bending and breaking the fibers. Which ultimately weakens the board. It is the same with paper. You want the grain to run parallel to the spine for ease of folding and to protect the strength of the paper. Folding it the wrong way can result in tearing or warping over time or in the case that it should become wet. An easy test to do with thinner papers is the roll over test. take a sheet of paper and bend it one way then bend it the opposite way. Which way gave you the least resistance?  In the case of this construction paper the grain ran with the length of the paper so I will fold and cut accordingly so that the spine runs parallel. I hope that made sense. If not here are a couple articles on paper grain....here and here .


Now that your grain is determined decide how big you want the pages inside. I like to have mine a little smaller than the cover. Grab your ruler and mark your cutting line. in this photo below I have all my paper stacked and it just so happens that the width of the paper is almost exactly what I need. Also you will notice the grain in this paper ran the length so I cut accordingly. 

Sometimes cutting soft loose paper can be a task with scissors so I do it a little differently. If you try this PLEASE be careful. These blades are sharp and they will cut you! I take my straight blade or craft knife and cut along my line holding my ruler in place. Again I can not stress enough PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!

 Now you should be left with this and all ten fingers! Ha! These will be the pages inside of the book.

Now you should have a cover and the inside signature set.

Now we want to fold all of our pages. The easiest way to do this is to find the center of you paper and fold along that center, lining the two opposite edges together. I know that sounds confusing but I tried my best to get pictures that would explain it better. See them below. You will fold it over and finger press it. Once you have that folded you will press the fold again with your bone folder or the edge of your ruler to achieve a nice crisp fold. This will help lining things up and keeping the pages uniform.

After you have done the cover continue the same method with all of the papers. This is what you should end up with. You want to nestle the papers together one after another like the photo below.

Line your signature set (inside pages of your book) to the cover to make sure all your lines and folds are correct.
Next you will take your cover, ruler, and a pen and fin the center of the spine. Mark a dot right along the fold mark in the center.

Then you will find your center for the signature set and mark it. Divide the length from the center dot and the edge of your paper by two to get your measurement for the other markings. Here I like to take a scrap piece of paper and make a copy of where the holes are.

Take your scrap paper and line the two center dots so you can make marks for the other to hole markings like so.

Now you are ready to create your sewing holes. Now this is optional but I like to have something soft to punch my holes into. I bought a pack of the small foam sheets you find in the craft section and taped them all together with some pretty chevron tape. This allows me to punch the holes with ease and gives me a soft landing for my awl so there is no damage to it or the surface of my work space.

Take you cover and punch your holes with your awl right on the dotted marks.

If you do not have an awl the large embroidery needle can be used here just try to make the holes big enough for the needle to slide through with ease while sewing.

Continue this with your signature set. I do this with them all stacked and lined up to make sure that all my holes are uniform. If you do this make SURE that your papers are aligned and stay aligned while punching all the holes or your marks will be off and your sewing lines will be off. You want the holes directly on the crease.

Here is my punched cover and signature set.

Now it is time to prepare your thread. Since this book is only one signature set it won't take much thread. Measure your thread with the length of the spine. I do this twice to make sure I have enough thread. So say your book is 5 inches tall you would want 10 inches to be positive you have enough.

I use waxed linen thread when sewing my books but you can use your own waxed embroidery thread. Now this will be for one of my boys so I will go ahead and use embroidery thread. Plus, I can show you how to wax it. It is really simple. I have this nifty little wax contraption I found in the jewelry section at Joanns. Now you can use just a chunk of bees wax or in  a pinch use and unscented candle. You want to pull your thread through the wax about 5 -6 times. No more than that though because the wax will become flaky and clump on the thread. The waxing makes it easier for sewing and strengthens the thread.
Now that your thread is prepared we will start sewing. Start on the center inside hole, sewing from the inside to the outside.

Pull your thread through leaving about a 2 inch tail.

Next you will pass your needle through the top or bottom hole. It does not matter which hole.

Pulling it through the inside of the book. Make sure to keep your threads taut. To do this do not tighten it pulling the threads straight out. Instead hold the tail and pull the thread up along the spine. This way you do not tear your paper.

Next you will pass the needle over the middle hole and through the hole on the other end of the book. Again sewing from the inside to the outside.

From the outside you will pull your threads taut again remembering to hold the tail and pull it up against the spine to prevent tearing.

You will then pass the needle back though the center hole. Sewing from the outside to the inside.

Pull you thread up through the hole. Make sure all your thread is still taut.

Almost done!!! Now pull your thread so that you have a strand on either side of the center strand. Then clip the excess thread so it matches the length of your tail.

Make sure your thread it taut and tie the two pieces into a square knot twice.

Take each tail and tuck it under the center line. Leave about an inch that will be tucked under the center line and clip away the rest.

This is what your center should look like with the tails tucked under the center spine.

This will be the outside of your books. Showing off the pretty red stitching.

 Then Ta-Da!!!!! You have just completed the perfect little drawing book for a special little kiddo. My kids LOVE these!! It makes them feel special to have their own little personal creative space. And I love giving them that joy.:D

I think they are just adorable! Hey it can even be a little jotter for yourself or hubby. These little books are so versatile. Once you get the hang of the steps they come together rather quickly. The Pamphlet bind is my favorite bind because of all the different ways it can be used. It lays flat and you can add a hard back and more signatures giving you a very unique beautiful book. I have a few in my shop right now if you would like to see the many faces of the Pamphlet stitch. Check them out Here in my shop! They are labeled as Pamphlet bound and have that wonderful exposed stitching up the spine.


I hope you all found this helpful and sparked your interest in bookbinding. It is a great passion for me. I love everything about it.:)  Oh and I tried my best to get accurate photos but I had two factors toying with me the whole time. The first was scattered thunderstorms. I would have amazing light and then nothing.  The second is that I am right handed and had no photographer. You should have seen me trying to do the binding and get photos! Ha Ha! It was a site to see. Thank goodness my camera has a timer. :D  If there are any parts that you find yourself having trouble with please feel free to comment or email me with questions. This is written to best of my ability and knowledge of the pamphlet stitch. Again I would like to add that this is NOT a craft for children.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!!! Please share pictures if you make your little one a book!! I would love to see them! Oh and check back tomorrow afternoon to see if I was successful with the video tutorial!!

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