Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick, Easy, Cute Halloween Wreath!

Happy fall everyone!! It is that time of year again! My favorite. I love the fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, cool weather, warm coco, and fuzzy socks. Mr. Wonderful and the boys picked up some pretty, glitter covered pumpkins for the font door. We put out all our other spooky decor out but still felt something was missing. A wreath of course! Our door looked so lonely and empty. I remembered seeing some pretty, colorful garland at Publix and had an idea.

This is what you will need.^^ A wreath. Any kind will do. I used an old yarn covered wreath. Two different colored strands of Halloween garland. Also for fun factor a bright colored length or ribbon for a pop.
Halloween garland (2)
(long enough to hang from you your door and wrap around the wreath)
This garland was so cute. Black and white skulls, and purple and black witches.


So start by wrapping your garland around your wreath leaving only about an inch between each strand. You want it nice and full. When you get to the end of your garland just tuck and wrap the end. My garland was a bendable wire garland. Don't worry if yours isn't simply tie a good knot to secure the end. Then you take your second garland and wrap it in between the spaces of the first strand. finish the ends just the same.
When you are finished wrapping you should have something like this picture below. Almost done! See I told you quick and easy.:)

Lastly you slip knot your ribbon around your wreath and hang.
You can have any type of hanger on either side of your door. I personally have an upside down command hook on the inside of my door. I just bring my ribbon up and over the top of the door and tie it around the hook on the other side. I have a picture of this from my Christmas wreath tutorial just scroll down the page Here.

Viola! Quick, Easy, and if I do say so myself, cute Halloween wreath. I hope you all have a spooky Halloween!! Happy Fall everyone!

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