Friday, July 22, 2011

Dr. Seuss Nursery!!

So here it is as Dr. Seuss Nursery. I knew I wanted something different and original for my babies. As a child Dr. Seuss held such a magical quality for me. I knew I wanted my own children to have those feelings of wonderment and imaginative creativity. So I was on a mission. I needed a jaw dropping room on a not so jaw dropping budget. I went to Michael's craft store and found these two items. I know they look very juvenile and unable to achieve such a task. 

Artograph Tracer Junior 8x Tracer Jr. Projector
Elmer's Painters Bright, Medium
Well guess what....they were just the ticket! Plus it was less that 50 bucks for both items. I did get quite a few more colors. Oh and did I mention the paint pens are non-toxic! I had tons of Seuss books to use for my murals. I sized the down the pictures on my printer, put them in my tracer jr. and went to work. I used a pencil for the first outline and when all was painted I outlined the whole pic with a fine point sharpie to give me clean edges. Here is my hard work....and yes it was very hard. Try painting in odd positions 7 months pregnant. It is tricky let me tell you.

 This was an old dresser repainted and painted to look like Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

How do you like the hot air balloon blowing out the window. I put crazy patterns in the turtle shells for added pizazz. Oh and for added cuteness I took some of the up close photo pages from the books and framed them like they were real pictures.

In this pic you can just see the turtle tree on the back wall. Well that wall is where the crib is so I tried to incorporate sleeping pics in there. I got the turtles and the two yellow creatures in pics below.

I didn't want the same old pic you always see of thing 1 &2 so I decided on this one. I love hair!

Can you see the outlet? I modge podged all the plate covers in the room with pages from the book.

Sleeping yellow creatures! Oh and Sneetches...The Sneetches is my all time favorite Dr. Seuss book. What is yours?

Oh an for the walls I made sure of where all the furniture would go first. Very important step. You don't want you beautiful art work covered up by a dresser. Then I just did some freehand landscape with a sharpie that resembled the landscape in the books.

This little guy is my favorite. I thought it would be so cute to have him racing along the baseboards.

So do you have any creative room ideas for the little ones? Feel free to share. I am going to try to get into gear with K's big boy room. Hopefully I will have a fabulous Dinosaur/Paleontologist room to share with you soon. Until next time....

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." ~ Dr. Seuss

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  1. your nursery looks AMAZING! I want to paint on my girls bedroom - and will be looking into that tracer! How do the paint pens work? can you still wash the walls/etc?

  2. Thank You Jen! I haven't had any problems wiping the walls off but I haven't had to scrub them. The paint seems to stay put with the light cleaning I have done. They are fun to use. It is just like coloring in a coloring book. I don't know hold old your girls are but if they are old enough it is so simple even they could help. Oh the tracer is amazing. I only paid 40 dollars for it and I think you can even find it a little cheaper on amazon. I still use it all the time so it has well paid for it self. A fun thing to do with it is....put a large sheet of paper on the wall and one of your daughters coloring books under it. They can make a huge coloring page. It just runs off a regular light bulb but can get a little hot so if they are not old enough to know to leave it alone you may want to adjust it so they can't reach it. Hope this helps! Feel free to email me any questions along the way and I would love to see your girls finished room!

  3. Holy CRAPOLA!! You're a rockstar!

  4. Thank You Guys!! You really made my day!

  5. W O W! Now I wish my girls were little again. The dresser as a centerpiece alone is fabulous. I have to admit - things 1&2 are my fav! Very lucky boys indeed!!

  6. Aww Thank you so much Karen!!

  7. Thank you so very much Skooks!!!!

  8. Super awesome! I'm way impressed!

  9. Thank you so much Tracy!! I am so glad people like it and don't think it is too cartoonish. I think for my 2 yr old I am going with a bit more of an older feel. That way he can grow with it. When E gets sick of this room I will probably let him share a room with his brother(it is a big room) and I will turn this into the play room. I hate the thought of painting over it. I know that day will come and I will probably cry my eyes out. LOL

    Thank you all for making a girl feel special!!!


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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