Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tent Adventures with Mom!!!

So K discovered the living room blanket tent and loved it. Being who I am I ran to my computer searching for ideas to make a DIY tent. I would have tried something on my own but I am just not that comfortable (confident) with wood yet. I came across this wonderful She has some brilliant ideas. I found a dyi on A-Tent frame that she posted with instructions. I was so excited!! So off to the hardware store we went.
Sorry I forgot to list the supplies but you can find them on mycakies blog.

      K and I measuring our wood. Sorry for the craptastic photos but trust me, cutting wood with a two year old in 90 degree weather is no easy task. Not to mention trying to keep him in the garage.

He felt the wood needed a more weathered look!

I was scared to use the hubs power tools even though his saw would have cut the wood in 2 seconds flat. So I stuck with what I was comfortable with ...the lovely hand saw. He is suppose to give me some lessons on the big girl tools since I have quite a few wood working projects bookmarked.
 Alas the finished frame!!! With the help of my wonderful husband it stand straight. I think I may add some slats of wood from side to side for added stability.

 I am going to sew a cover for it but K couldn't wait. Decked out with a sheet and blanket the fun began.  In mycakies tut she does give instructions on a very easy cover. I want one a little more structured so I need to draw up some sewing plans for it.

Here is K checking out his tent! Thanks Mycakies for the wonderful tutorial!!!


  1. Enjoy creating with the boys while they are young.

  2. Thanks Karen!! I am soaking up every single minute they will give me. Before I know it they won't think it is cool to hang with mom. :(


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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