Friday, July 29, 2011

Super heros and Sewing know life as we know it!

It has been a busy week. Not to mention the NEW PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON!!!! It started thursday and my hiney was happily planted in front of the tube.  "Make It Work"  "Where's Andre" .... I love me some Tim Gunn. Who doesn't!?! Anyway, aside from that I have been busy with everyday life, you know, grocery shopping, sitting for a friend, playdates, teething and more teething.  E is having a horrible time with his teeth right now and this mom isn't getting much sleep. I am taking advantage of their daily naps and napping with them. I usually use that time to finish up chores or sew. Not this week. :((

New news on K's big boy room. It may have a change of scenery. He is in love with Iron Man and Mr. Wonderful purchased two  wall hanging for K. He was thrilled when the ups lady had two packages just for him(we have a UPS woman not a UPS man). One is a door hanging ....
Pics courtesy of
The other pic is kind of this Art Deco framed print I actually love...Iron Man 2 Movie (Artistic Stylized Iron Man) Art Poster Print
So my dino/paleontology theme may be changed for a comic book and all things boy theme. Right know he is really digging science fiction like star wars. I just saw some really cute star wars pop art on the crafty travelers blog. So I may look into that. I think I saw it on the crafty traveler.  I guess I am off to research comic book art and all things science fiction.The artsy pic will probably be my color palette with some pops of yellow here and there. Hopefully I will have a few concrete ideas soon. If you have any feel free to share!!!


  1. OH I am sure you can knock his socks off with an Iron Man room! I am considering a Tween redecorating project soon which just does not sound as fun!

  2. Thanks Karen! I can't speak much about girl tweens having only boys but from the looks your your sweet girls I am sure you guys will find a way to make it fun. You and your girls always look so happy and cheerful in your photos! Have fun!


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