Thursday, July 7, 2011

YES! I 'm getting my sewing groove back!!

Since E was born sewing has been almost non existent :((( It is not easy trying to sew with a 2 year and I added a newborn to the mix. HA! So now E is almost 8 months old and I feel like I can focus a little more on my craftiness. I am still nursing so he still gets allot of my time. Half of my time goes to K and dear the dogs but there is a small window that is slowly opening just for my sewing machine. YAY!!  This past week. I made a motorcycle hat for my dad, started a dress for my mom, made a slip cover for one of hubby's big garage tools, and almost finished a chevron (zigzag) quilt top for E 's big boy bed. Not that he is ready for it but that is another post in itself...soon to come I promise. The boys are finally old enough to sit in my craft room with me and play while I sew. Let me tell you that is so nice.  I can't tell you the joy and relaxation crafting gives me. Not to mention the added satisfaction of something I made from scratch without purchasing. I have a very long to do list but the soonest  ones will be ones of necessity. Pot holders are high on the list. Right before E was born I took all my old ones threw some out, took some apart to be up cycled. Well that fell by the wayside when E came 2 weeks early. I have yet to make them and I am sick of burning myself using a tea towel. I also want to do an art tote I promised K some months back when I made his custom car crayons. I should blog and put up a tut for that...easy project and great gift idea. I have a few quilts I want to get in the works and some early Christmas sewing. See I do this with everything ...I want to do too much.  This is my mid year resolution, lol, I will  stop saying and start doing. Lets see how much I can get done. Any who it is nap time so I must go be the bearer of bad news and tell the troops playtime is over!


  1. cute blog, however, "allot" is really spelled "a lot." "a lot" is two separate words. :)

  2. Anonymous thanks for the correction. Your right..I catch myself typing it like that all the time. I quess I should pay more attention.

  3. Ashley, I proof and proof and even after posting I still find errors LOL!


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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