Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aqua Chevron Wallet Giveaway!!!

This is a picture of Jenny's work. You can find these wallets in her shop SincerelyJen

Hi all!! Who doesn't love a beautifully constructed wallet in the latest fabric trend!?! Every woman is in search of the perfect wallet. You know that one that will hold all your cards, receipts, moneys, and various must haves but still look  beautiful.  We all want that! Beauty and functionality! Well I have found them!! My sweet friend Jenny @ SincerelyJen has opened a shop in Etsy selling just that. Her wallets are impeccable! She chooses the latest and greatest fabrics and gets to work. Her attention to detail is meticulous.
 A must have for every woman's accessory collection!!

Well guess what!? Jenny is giving one away!!!!! Check out her facebook page Here  and here is the link to enter her giveaway http://bit.ly/198Pwkt. The wallet she is giving away is from the stuff women dream about.....CHEVRON, OMBRE and AQUA! Ahhh! I know right! Isn't it fabulous!  It is absolutely gorgeous and you can bet it is as sturdy as it is beautiful.  So go check out Jenny and her shop! She really has a lot to offer with her beautiful wallets! So make sure to check out her on FB and Etsy. Don't forget to enter this wonderful giveaway! Again the link is http://bit.ly/198Pwkt and the giveaway will be open until Friday night at midnight. Good Luck!!


Check back soon for Japanese Stand Bound Book Pictures! They will coming to the shop soon! Good luck with the giveaway!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm still here...I promise! :)

Hey there!! Sorry I have been MIA lately. Loads of stuff going on. Had a wonderfully hot summer (could you hear the sarcasm) LOL Now we are onto Home Schooling! Yay!! It is only preschool but I want to be as organized and  efficient as possible so that I can  adjust to schooling before Kindergarten. So far it is a blast! K loves it! E, well sometimes he participates. He is not quite 3 yet so really isn't interested. We let him follow along when ever he feels the notion to. On sunday nights I sit down for a couple hours and prepare the next weeks work. I  had no idea  how much work goes into home schooling. Oh my goodness it is a lot but I feel like you get out what you put in. The extra time spent is well worth it. Loads of crafts and fun things. I was worried at first but I really enjoy it. Right now I am very happy with our decision. We will see how I feel by the end of the school year. Ha!

I have been binding and sewing. Japanese Stab Binding is my latest venture! I conquered it!! Will share pics when I finish a couple more. Really loving it! For sewing just stuff for friends and family. I have the most wonderful network of ladies I met through Baby Center and we all just finished a quilt for one of the girls in the group. It came out beautifully and is full of love. I am sure when it is all said and done we will each have a quilt that each of us contributed to. I will pee my pants if I get one! hehe Those ladies mean the world to me. Seriously like sisters. Anyway, I am rambling and I should be doing something else I am sure. You know sewing, binding, or dare I mention house work. :P I will try my best to get a new post up asap with pics of the latest binds, sewing, and maybe throw out some ideas for pre k homeschooling!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!!
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