Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crochet Therapy

So with the crazy summer we have had so far there hasn't been much time for anything crafty. I have been able to squeeze in some crochet here and there. Just wanted to share some pics and sites. My friend Sarah at The Spicy Pinecone reminded me of the Lion Brand Site . FYI: You have to sign up for their newsletter to see their patterns. I had forgotten all about it until Sarah said something about it. And i am so glad she did....I found a ton of cute projects. My first was a market/beach tote. I will be using it as a beach tote. I wanted something that wouldn't hold all the sand but would stretch well with all of our goodies. Here is the link, just remember you will have to sign up to view the patterns, so keep that in mind.. pattern link

This bag is SO roomy! I was able to get 16 of K & E's books in there with plenty of room left. The bag snapped right back to it's shape after I took the bags out.

 I wanted to see what amount of clothing I could get into it.  Eight! Six pair of jeans, one pair of sweat pants, and one pair of dress pants. Can you believe I still had room left. I am so happy with this bag. I was very easy and quick. It took me about three days and I was only working on it here and there.

So do you know how to Crochet? Or any other craft that is very easy and relaxing? Oh and anyone who doesn't know how to is very easy to learn. Youtube has dozens of tutorials and there are some great teaching books out there. I have this one...Stitch Bitch Crochet Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. Awesome book with great photos. I am a visual learner so this really helped. Plus the book is full of cute patters. So if you were thinking of trying crochet....Do It! It is very easy to learn and once you start you will not want to stop.:)

** I in no way represent Lion Brand nor Debbie Stoller. I do not work for either of them and I am not paid by either of them. They are simply a book and site that I like.**

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sometimes Quiet is a good thing.:)

I made this in PicMonkey. If you haven't seen the site you should check it out. Oh and this is my first subway style art so take it easy on me.

There is a photo quote that hangs in my dining room and it says, "Make time for the quiet moments as God whispers and world is loud." I am not sure what wise person said this but that is just what we have been doing this past month. I haven't had much time or energy to post or do anything to post about. Our household has had it's share of down time this month due to a month long bout of bronchitis and the loss of a beloved pet. It has been a slow, quiet, family summer. There have been no play dates or late night sewing ventures. Only movies nights  with dinner on the rug in the living room, lots of playtime with the kiddos, and naps for everyone. It is nice to slow down and press pause every once and a while. Some times we just need to unplug. Hopefully this will be the end of cold and I will be feeling a bit more creative. I have been working on some crochet here and there and will probably post about them soon. Until then, I am still here....just taking time to enjoy the quiet moments. You should try it sometimes. It feels good.:) More post to come.:)
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