Friday, March 23, 2012

Star Wars Freezer Paper T-Shirt Favors!!!

So my first born K just turned 3. He requested a Star Wars party. With parties I like to give out favors that are useful So this year I decided to do freezer paper t-shirts.
Let me start by saying it was almost impossible to find plain t-shirts in assorted sizes that weren't too cheaply made. Can't believe it was so difficult. I finally found some at the Dollar store and still had to buy a couple packs of the plain white undershirts and cami's.

What you will need:
Freezer Paper(this can usually be found in your local grocer in the Reynolds wrap section)
Self Healing Mat(this is helpful but can be done w/o just ues really thick cardboard)
Fabric Paint or Acrylic paint mixed with a Textile Medium
Foam Brush
Craft knife or or some sort of exacto knife

You will first need to decide on what images you will be putting on your shirts. You can usually find a ton of free clip art or free stencils. You can also use coloring book pages. Just remember when choosing an image you will be cutting out all the detail....a lot of detail equals a lot of cutting.
Oh and prewash your shirts first if they are new.

Trace you image onto your freezer paper or if you are brave cut your freezer paper to the size of copy paper and send it through your printer. Just make sure to print it on the smooth side and not the waxed side. Cut out your images out with your exacto knife. Now here I also like to cut an extra solid piece of freezer paper to iron to the inside of your shirt. This will keep the paint from bleeding and it will stay put. Line you image up with you t-shirt wax side down and iron it to your shirt. be gentle here so you don't catch the edge of your iron and rip it. Let's just say that tidbit came from a lesson learned. ;) Now I forgot a pic but I am sure you get the idea.

Once ironed get out your paint supplies and get to painting. now if you don't have fabric paint or want to use acrylic paint remember to add your medium first. The directions are on the bottle.

Sponge it on very don't want any missed spots. allow to dry completely and check for any missed areas.

Once it is completely dry and you are satisfied with your paint job peel off your freezer paper.

  You aren't done quite yet. You still need to heat set your paint job. This will help to set your color for washing. Place a thin piece of fabric over your painted area and iron for a few minutes. Don't burn your fabric...make sure it is on the correct setting. And DO NOT steam it.

The TA-DA!!!!! Adorable t-shirts!!! Now you can do this to any shirt or fabric for that matter. You can use this in everyday life just to dress up your child's wardrobe or even your own. Have fun with it! I loved these and made a few extra for my boys! What do you think? Would you be happy to receive something like this as a party favor for your child?

If you decide to try this let me know and share a pic. I would love to see!Oh and I need to send out a big THANK YOU to my friend Megan for helping me get these started. Thank you to my mom and sister for helping me finish them! Thank you!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chalkboard goodness and lessons learned!

I love the look of a nice chalk board so of course I had to add a few to my home. So when i saw a can of Valspar Chalk paint I scooped it up mind running wild with ideas. Mr. Wonderful suggested I get some Magnetic paint as well. I picked a quart of the Rust-Oleum Magnetic paint and got to work.

I was Not happy with the magnetic paint! The can said 3 thin coats should do the trick for small magnets....well 7 layers later and finally some of the magnets stick.It gave the surface a horrible texture and the odor is Horrible! Next time I will just get a piece of galvanized metal and paint it with chalk paint.The above picture is my pantry door in the kitchen. I was very pleased with the chalk paint but I may sand it down some more and do a few more coats of it. i used the magnetic paint here. Three coats and even the smallest of magnets barely cling and then slide down.:(

For the pantry door I used some clip art i found on line. You can find tons of free clip art...just search for vintage outlines or frame borders. I printed it out and used my projector can find info on it
Here in my DYI Seuss nursery. I modified the shape slightly for my liking and traced on the wall with a pencil.
I also did underneath our bar area for K and E. They LOVE it!

K was so cute...I was priming the bar area as you see below and he kept saying mommy move I want to chalk it up. They are my cuties....always being clever!

K was so excited he didn't even wait for me to clean up all the dust. Oh and by the way we will be getting dustless chalk! It was everywhere. He got right to work with his drawings while E had fun with all the magnets. We are probably going to get a small sheet of metal to put over in the corner for his fridge farm and heavier magnets. It will only stick for a minute and then start sliding down the wall. :(

I also had they bottles stashed away for some sort of craft project. i didn't know what until I saw something like this on pinterest. I love how they turned out. They will be so cute on the table and we can write on them to suit the meal or occasion.

Thinking of giving Chalkboard paint a try should it is fun for everyone! I am not sold on the magnetic paint and probably won't ever use it again!

As for my beautiful mirror.....I am having issue after issue with it. Turns out a piece I keep trying to paint is going to have to be covered with fabric. The paint just keeps scratching off. Ugh!

Oh and I have a sneak peek pic...see f you can guess what it might be... it has something to do with K's up coming Star Wars party!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Happy Birthday !!!! If you didn't know Dr. Seuss is a big deal in our house. We have a whole nursery inspired by the great magical writings. Check out my Dr. Seuss Nursery Post. Since I was a child the books held a special place in my heart. I love nothing more than to get lost in the pages of an amazing new world a book holds.   I hope my boys have the same passion for reading as I do. I had planned to make some cupcakes to celebrate such an occasion, however, life happened, appointments had to be kept and the cupcakes were at the bottom of my list. Maybe tomorrow. So we will end the night reading all our favorite Dr. Seuss Books...this may be a long bedtime reading session. We love them all! I really love The Sneetches.

Oh and I just need to get some pics of the finished mirror I promised. For now here is a before pic to give you an idea of what I was working with...

Stay tuned for the reveal!!

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." -- Dr. Seuss

I really love Dr. Seuss!!!!
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