Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chalkboard goodness and lessons learned!

I love the look of a nice chalk board so of course I had to add a few to my home. So when i saw a can of Valspar Chalk paint I scooped it up mind running wild with ideas. Mr. Wonderful suggested I get some Magnetic paint as well. I picked a quart of the Rust-Oleum Magnetic paint and got to work.

I was Not happy with the magnetic paint! The can said 3 thin coats should do the trick for small magnets....well 7 layers later and finally some of the magnets stick.It gave the surface a horrible texture and the odor is Horrible! Next time I will just get a piece of galvanized metal and paint it with chalk paint.The above picture is my pantry door in the kitchen. I was very pleased with the chalk paint but I may sand it down some more and do a few more coats of it. i used the magnetic paint here. Three coats and even the smallest of magnets barely cling and then slide down.:(

For the pantry door I used some clip art i found on line. You can find tons of free clip art...just search for vintage outlines or frame borders. I printed it out and used my projector can find info on it
Here in my DYI Seuss nursery. I modified the shape slightly for my liking and traced on the wall with a pencil.
I also did underneath our bar area for K and E. They LOVE it!

K was so cute...I was priming the bar area as you see below and he kept saying mommy move I want to chalk it up. They are my cuties....always being clever!

K was so excited he didn't even wait for me to clean up all the dust. Oh and by the way we will be getting dustless chalk! It was everywhere. He got right to work with his drawings while E had fun with all the magnets. We are probably going to get a small sheet of metal to put over in the corner for his fridge farm and heavier magnets. It will only stick for a minute and then start sliding down the wall. :(

I also had they bottles stashed away for some sort of craft project. i didn't know what until I saw something like this on pinterest. I love how they turned out. They will be so cute on the table and we can write on them to suit the meal or occasion.

Thinking of giving Chalkboard paint a try should it is fun for everyone! I am not sold on the magnetic paint and probably won't ever use it again!

As for my beautiful mirror.....I am having issue after issue with it. Turns out a piece I keep trying to paint is going to have to be covered with fabric. The paint just keeps scratching off. Ugh!

Oh and I have a sneak peek pic...see f you can guess what it might be... it has something to do with K's up coming Star Wars party!

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  1. I have yet to dive into chalkboard paint and thank you for the warning on the magnetic paint!! The kids will love that place under the bar.
    Have you tried something like a liquid sandpaper on the mirror? I have had luck treating 'slippery' objects with that before I paint.
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Great job! We used magnetic paint at our last house and I hated it too! It has to be mixed just so and I can never seem to get it correct :( However, I LOVE the chalkboard paint!

  3. I have been wanting to do a chalkboard paint project and have yet to try!

  4. Hi Ashley, I love the shape of your chalkboard - so fun!! I have also wanted to try the painted bottles - they will be fun on your table. I tried magnetic paint in my last house and was disappointed as well....although my local hardware store has a magnetic wall for the kids and it works great....but they probably used 50 coats of paint!
    Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by to visit!


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