Friday, July 1, 2011

Swooning over Christmas in July!!

I just finished browsing various sites at all the Christmas in July fabric sells. EEEKKK!! I feel like I have a school girl crush...only the object of my affection is fabric. LOL!!  I am really loving "Jovial" by BasicGrey. I have always had a thing for all the fall holidays. Christmas has to be number one. The morning after Thanksgiving I get all warm and fuzzy with holiday cheer. My house is buzzing with Christmas music and specials from my childhood. This year in all my Christmas euphoria  I really hope to get a few things made for the home decor. I want to do a quilted tree skirt, table runner, and the piece de resistance .... the advent house from Christmas Vacation. I have had the wood and a billion ideas put together since before K and E were ever thought of. I am not sure why I haven't made it yet but I really want it to grace the center of my dinning room table. Anyhow I just wanted to cast my excitement into blogland......"Aunt Bethany does your cat like Jello".... Sorry I couldn't help myself. Can you tell what my favorite Christmas movie is. ;)))

P. S. More coming soon on some home projects and tent building!!! Family has been in town so not much time for blogging. ;))


  1. haha! that's my favorite christmas movie too. i watch it every year!

  2. Randi, I love this movie! I secretly watch it all year long. I will pop it in whenever I need a giggle or just need to feel the warm fuzzies that Christmas brings. Ray Charles makes me cry everytime singing Christmas is the Time of Year. Thanks for stopping by! i checked out your shop and blog. Beaytiful fabrics and I love that kitchen quilt you are working on!


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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