Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fathers Day Silhouette Masterpiece!!

This year the boys were finally old enough to contribute to dad fathers day gift. I searched high and low for something special that they could do together. Finally where should I find my inspiration ....the fabulous women in my sewing group. Of course I would find it there! The Crafty Sewing Mamas never disappoint. One of the lovely ladies posted a sports themed canvas her little one had finger painted. It was adorable by the way. So off to Michaels I went and what should be on sale. CANVAS!! Yay! I got two 16 x 20 for 5 bucks and change, picked up some fingerpaints, and of course checked out the clearance section. Totally off topic but did you know they sometimes have good quality yarn on clearance for .99cents. Of course I got like 6 different yarns. Anywho, back to the project. So these were our supplies.....Canvas, painters tape, exacto knife, chalk pen, scotch tape, and the cut out images of their faces. My little E is so can totally see his double chin in his silhouette.

I taped the images onto the canvas with the scotch tap. Sorry no images. This took place when allot of my work does...the wee hours of the am. After tracing I started cutting and fitting the painters tape. If you do this make sure to run something flat over your finished taping to make sure it is down well and won't let the paint seep (you can tell on mine I missed a afew little spots).

I laid out an old comforter and let the boys at it. They had a blast!! K did most of the painting. E thought it was snack time and needed to taste each color. LOL Make sure you get the non toxic , washable paint!!!! Trust me on this one. When your painting is complete let it dry over night. I was itching to peel the tape off prematurely but that would have ruined the painting. It will be tough to beat the temptation but if you wait you will get cleaner lines and a better overall outline.

The next morning first thing K and I pulled all the tape off. Marvelous!! He was so proud of his work. We wrapped it up in some butchers paper and K happily presented it to Dad. You could see the happiness shining from his face.

Later that day I was looking for the painting to my surprise hubby had already found a spot for it. It now rest on the wall facing his side of the bed. Now every morning when he gets up they are the first thing he sees and the last thing he sees at the end of the night. They truly melt my heart!!

So in need of a quick cute gift that you can cherish for years to come....use your imagination. Your options are limitless! Feel free to share pics if anyone makes this.

(by the way spell check isn't working.....I am no english major so please excuse any mispelling or poor grammar)

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