Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crochet Rag Rug....Check!

So I finally finished the crochet rug for the boys bathroom. I will say it is no where near perfect but it serves it's purpose....dry feet in the bathroom! I did take pics along the way and wanted to share them. I had loads of help from Miasboys blog in my blog list and from the Happy Hooker book(great for the visual learner like myself). Off topic my dad was visiting and saw the book should have seen his face when he read the title. I just casually said, "Well dad I needed a part time job." Ha! Anywho here goes. I started off with a pile of old, stained white t-shirts. I bought some fabric dye and went to town. (if you haven't ever used this stuff it has the most horrible smell)

 I washed all my shirts and let them air dry. I did run an extra hot cycle in my washing machine with some vinegar just to get rid of any hiding color. Noone wants blue and green undies or socks. LOL!

 ~Sorry I totally flaked here and for got to take pics of the cutting process. What I did was take off the sleeves and neckline. I then cut one side of the shirt to make it one big rectangle of fabric. I cut one inch strips. So sorry I forgot the pics but you can find a ton of video tuts on youtube. Just look up rag rugs.~

Finally after making my balls of "yarn" I started crocheting.  I watched tutorials, read a few blogs, and read my book to guide me with the stitching. It came together ok but I still need a lot of work. Here it started to look like a rug.

When I finished it there were a few wavy spots but nothing I am too worried about. I know it isn't a picture of perfection but I am pretty proud of my wonky little rug. My boys love it too. Mental note ....I think I will stick to flannel or cotton sheets next time. The knit fabric was too stretchy and made some of my stitching uneven. I am sure it didn't help that the shirts weren't all exactly the same. Oh well that is why they call it learning!

 Now I know what works and doesn't work for me. I see many more of these on my future and even had a lady at a garage sale tell me to look her up if I ever started selling them.(I was looking for thrifted sheets for my next rug) She was very nice and gave K a toy car free of charge so I am thinking of doing her a little crocheted hot pad. Anywho I hope all that are reading it enjoyed my adventures in rag rugging. Thanks to all that helped through, blogs, vlogs, and books!!!

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