Sunday, June 19, 2011

Homemade POPTARTS!!!

So while surfing the web the other day I came across a wonderful blog called the Smitten Kitchen. She had a yummy recipe for homemade poptarts. Click my title and it will link you to her page. K loves poptarts but I hate buying the sugar filled (and god knows whatelse) ones from the store. So we went to town. Her recipe calls for homemade dough, however, I am a mommy of 2 boys under 2. I barely have time to open my eyes before someone needs something. So I cheated...oh the shame. Yeah right... if it helps me out I am a happy mommy. A happy mommy makes for a happy me. So i picked up prepared pie shells and organic preserves (working on canning). I had nutella on hand so that is what we used for the chocolate ones. So yummy! We also sprinkled cinnamon and a little sugar on top. Well that was K's job and he started out sprinkling and ended up butchering with the sprinkle jar. Crazy kid! If you have the time and love pop tarts try it out. Let the kiddos help out. They will love it. When I have some spare time I am going to make her pastry for the pop tarts so I can taste the proper recipe. We had blueberry, raspberry, and nutella. Here are some pics....

Can you tell which ones K sprinkled before mommy convinced him to let her try to sprinkle a few. Ha!

Left over dough was made into a heart poptart for my hunny.

Finally the finished product. So scrumptious. Truly,truly scrumptious, Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait.  I heart Dick Van Dyke!  Love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Sorry my mind tends to wander every now and again. If you choose to use the prepared pie shell....I did roll mine just a tad thinner than they came. Believe it or not they are stiff just like the store bought ones. It is easy for little ones to devour them without poptart flopping all over the place. You can see I either added to much filling or didn't crease the raspberry ones enough. I had a little spillage. Sorry no pics of the blueberry ones but they didn't spill out at all. By then I had a fill for how much of the preserves to put in. I got 6 poptarts plus the heart one out of a top and bottom pie shell you get in the biscuit section at your local grocery store.

So if your little one loves these yummy treats try your hand at it. You would be surprised  at how much tastier they are. Enjoy!!


  1. I will have to try that! They look yummy!!!

  2. I bet the girls will love them! Let me know if you try them.


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