Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potty Training

This is really cute and I just wanted to blog about it. So with my oldest K we are starting to potty train. He is 2 by the way. He did really well when we first started out but when E was born it all went out the window. LOL! We are starting to see a little progress here and there but we really have to be proactive about it. We ask him often if he needs to use the restroom and randomly throughout the day we ask him where poo and pee go. He usually tells me the hiney. Ha! So yesterday K floats off to his room where he is really quiet. It dawns on me that he is hiding to poop in his diaper. I go in and can tell he has already gone in the diaper. So I ask, " K, did you need to go potty?" He says, "No mommy", with a little smile. I then said, "Well what's in your diaper?"  He looks at me with his most serious face and shushes me and puts one finger on my lips while going SSHHH. He the says, "No mom, shhh",  ever so calmly. LOL! I was about to burst at the seams with laughter but I held it together.  So I say," Well what is in your diaper then?" He looks at me and says in a most casual tone, "It's poop Mom".  It was so stinkin' cute. Literally! If you have any funny potty stories or advice feel free to comment.

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