Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The stuff dreams are made of...

Love is in the air the past couple of weeks. I have seen a couple of blogs that I follow with  love post. Well cupid takes no prisoners. Last friday was the 9 year marker for the first date I went on with my Mr. Wonderful. While starting a new job 9 years ago I walked in and was introduced to this brown eyed hottie. He hadn't had a hair cut in a few weeks and looked like Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing. I swear I heard hungry eyes playing in the background as he walked up and introduced himself. The music stopped with the tire screech sound you hear in the movies and I thought to myself.....surely this guy is married. He was very cute, smart, polite, and everything I had ever hoped to find in a man. Well I left it at that and just assumed he was married... I mean I was sure of it. Who wouldn't snatch up a guy like that. We had a very nice friendship for a couple of weeks and then I found out he wasn't married. You better believe I turned on the charm ;)) It wasn't long before he finally asked me out. We went on our first date and the rest was history. Turns out he liked me too and assumed I was taken. Nine years later, 2 dogs, 2 beautiful baby boys, a wonderful home, and I think we are more in love than we were when we first said I Love You. Like I said .....the stuff dreams are made of. At least mine anyway!!   I thank my lucky stars everyday to have such an amazing, supporting, loving husband. Here's to hoping you all have or find that special someone in your life

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