Monday, July 25, 2011

Food for my little foodies!!

So my little ones are on opposite ends of the stick when it comes to eating. My 2 yr old K is so picky and my 9 month old would eat the dog if she stood still long enough. Ha! I am not a short order cook so usually they get the same nutritious meal that Mr. Wonderful and I get. On the special occasion they get something they both love....these....

This pic is from our pancakes and playdates day. K had his friend A over one morning and K requested Mickey pancakes. Now they wouldn't be Mickey pancakes without chocolate chips! My boys love these little suckers. Of course E is only nine months so I hold off on the chips in his. He loves them nonetheless. They are quick easy and the kids go bananas  for them. It is nice to have a treat every now and then. Plus I love all the mommy love I get for preparing such a treat.

E has moved on from baby, baby food....well except for the baby food I produce. He is still breastfeeding, with EIGHT teeth I might add. Trust me it can be ugly business if he get distracted while nursing. Sorry if that was TMI. Anywho, I made baby food from the start, even with K. It is so inexpensive and I know exactly what my boys are eating. It is so simple. Just buy fresh fruits and veggies and bake or steam. For the puree I used an immersion blender and icecube trays. There are endless options and combinations. Anyone interested in making baby food should check out It will tell you all the Do's and Don't  in making baby food.  Now that E is eating better I have stopped the puree and we are working our way up to big boy food. Here is my latest batch....peas, carrots(check on cooking carrots. There are special instruction for the cooking process due to nitrates), green beans, and peaches.

For whole food like this I like to freeze them on a cookie sheet first and then put them in freezer bags. It makes it easier when trying to get your servings out of the freezer bag. Now I need to get in gear and bake those  sweet potatoes on my counter. :))


  1. Fresh Veggies! Start 'em young! I use a food saver for a lot of things I store in the freezer and still have blanched veggies from the local farm from LAST summer! I hope they are still good to use.

  2. I am sure they are still good. Just as long as they were sealed properly. We started a small garden this year. Can't say that we got a whole lot of food from it but we learned what to do differently next year. We are going to do a couple large, raised beds . We really tried to incorparate K into the garden work in hopes it would help him make better food choices. Right now we struggle with him and certain veggies. I pray it is a phase!


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