Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cloth Diaper Giveaway!!!!!


Hi guys and gals!! Do you cloth diaper??  I think it is a wonderful thing. I know recently cloth diapering has come a long way as far as products on the market. Well, I think I just found the new big it thing amongst cloth diapers. My friend Tori over at  Nerd Fluff  makes some of the most amazing Cloth Diapers. Not just any diapers, custom character diapers!!!! So far she has released sneak peeks of Spiderman, Batman, Jaws, and even a cute Suit Up fluff! She will also be taking custom orders for special designs. She is so very creative. Her work is impeccable!  I really have never seen anything like these. I know she has a few more in the works that are a must see. So check back Here  to see her latest and greatest.

To celebrate the grand opening of her shop she is holding a giveaway. A "Jaws Butt" diaper will go to one lucky participant!!!!  She will be holding a week long giveaway for this little cutie. How fitting that it is also Shark week.:) This will be held from  July 28th until the 31st. So get over there and check it out. Do not miss out on this awesome giveaway! The Rafflecopter link will appear at the bottom of this page.


P.S. The Free Planner Pages will be up in the next post from me. I was having a technical difficulty loading the pages but it has been all cleared up. I will be getting the post together asap! Sorry for that small hiccup but that is modern technology for you.:)

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