Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great recipe finds!!!

Ok so I have been a little lax about blogging....you know things to do and people to see. To make up for it I come bearing some great recipe finds. The other night I wanted something light and out of the norm so I set out for a nice salad. I found this... Southwestern Summer Salad... http://www.skiptomylou.org/2011/08/05/southwestern-summer-salad/
from Skiptomylou's blog. It was wonderful. Super easy and so very refreshing. Oh and did I mention no cooking!!! I took a few pics and made a few changes because I am a picky eater. ;) I am sure it is yummy just as it is...I just changed it to suit my finicky taste buds. I used roasted red bell peppers instead of raw (I don't like them raw), I used an extra can of black beans (we LOVE black beans) , I would have used sundried tomatoes instead of raw but I forgot them (I don't like raw tomatoes either...see I told you I was picky), oh and I added black olives. Olives are a staple around here. hehe. Here are some pics of this must have salad. Oh and the dressing she makes is YUM, YUM!

Almost forgot, I used blue corn chips with flax seed. If you haven't tried these yet you should. They are awesome! Plus you can sometimes find them on sale at Target for 2.99 a bag. Oh and they are organic. I could eat these all day long...even plain. Hhmmm....I think I need a snack.

The second awesome find is from The PioneerWoman....Need I saw more. She is awesome. I love her blog and she has endless, to-die-for recipes. She makes me feel as if I am right there on the ranch with her. I would love to bump into her one day. So for Mr. Wonderful's birthday breakfast treat I searched her lovely blog. I took one look at these and was drooling all over my laptop. Ha! MONKEY MUFFINS! Shut the front door! This is a melt in your mouth goodness that makes you weak in the knees. Oh and it is super simple. I made these with K and E rummaging through the kitchen and still managed to keep it a surprise from Mr. Wonderful who was still in dreamland. Quiet kids and awesome baking...that is a rarity in this house. Trust me. Here is the link .... http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/12/monkey-muffins/
You must try these and if you haven't checked out her blog you should. She also just landed a spot on the food network. Kudos to her! Here is a link for her show info... http://www.foodnetwork.com/the-pioneer-woman/index.html

I hope you will try and enjoys these recipes. Feel free to share some of your own or check out my Yum board on pinterest. I have gotten a few more pics loaded today so hopefully tonight I will squeeze in a few more post. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

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