Monday, September 19, 2011


Oh my gosh....I can't believe it! Every now and again I will enter a giveaway. I never usually win anything but not today. I felt like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde when she was reading the intern list... you know she yells " ME!" ;) I entered the Sewing with Oilcloth giveaway on Sew mama sew. It was for a new book by Kelly Mcants...Sewing with Oilcloth.

She is also going to include some fat quarters of oil cloth and laminated cotton. I am just beside myself. I still can't believe I won. Yay!  I hope to have some oil cloth goodness posted soon. I also paid a visit to her blogs Modern June and Oilcloth Addict. They are very cute and full of craft goodness. You should check her blogs and book out. I am now happily following both!
As for the absence of my posting is all my cameras fault. HA! Apparently rechargeable batteries are only good for so long. After a dozen tries of recharging Mr. Wonderful brings it to my attention that they may just be old and need to be replaced. for some reason i thought they would last much longer. So I got new shiny batteries and they are charging. As soon as they are done I should have few new post either tonight or tomorrow. Just to peek your interest...there might be a faux chenille blanket, a couple of very cute little table redos, a new/old fabric storage redo, and some other stuff stored on the camera that I can't remember or access at the moment. LOL
Hope to be back posting soon! A giant Thank You to Sew Mama Sew (whom I love by the way...check them out if you haven't already) and Kelly Mcants for offering such an amazing giveaway!


  1. fun! I just won the craft gossip one! I'm so excited to see what you do!

  2. Congrats! You give me hope I will one some day

  3. Yeah for you!! What will you make!!

    I tried an iron-on vinyl/laminate on quilting cotton last Christmas for 'craft aprons' for niece/nephew twins. They came out pretty good.


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