Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween cookies and recipe from Hayley @ Welcome to the Mouse House

The other day will catching up on my blog reading I ran into a yummy cookie recipe from Hayley @ Welcome to the Mouse House (this is the link directly to her cookie post with recipe) It was  so yummy!   K and E really enjoyed making Spooky Halloween cookies!

These were so fun. I am thrilled that fall is here. It brings Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! Yay! These are my favorite holidays. Soon I will have a DIY baby costume to post. I just need to finish sewing it. It is so cute! Can't wait to share with you guys. Anywho check out Hayley's blog and here delish cookies. She also has a ton of awesome diy and crafty goodness I know you guys will love! Until then happy baking!

P.S. Notice that there aren't any sprinkles on the actual cookies. Yeah we forgot to put the sprinkles on before baking. K still wanted to shake the sprinkles so I let him anyway. Sprinkles are always kids that is. I am still finding them all over my kitchen! :-@

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  1. Great job and I am so glad you liked the recipe too. Thanks for linking to me!


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