Thursday, September 29, 2011

Construction paper art and easy display!

Today K and I made fun, fall pumpkins. He is now old enough to actively use the sick glue and direct me in the look he is going for.  So after we finished I went to put them on the fridge....not happening. ;) If you are anything like me your fridge is already full of chore charts, weekly menu plans, and various art work. So plan B. I decided to add an extra piece of construction paper as a support and display them on the table. I haven't decorated for fall yet so I got 2 two birds with one stone. If you are interested I took picks along the way and have step by step instructions to share! 

Here is what you will need:
Construction Paper
Stick glue
(or in my case my tailors chalk K insisted on using)
One creative little mind to produce awesome artwork

We set up a little snack station and started creating. He was very sure about the shapes he wanted on his pumpkins. It was so cute. He would say rectangle eyes for this one and a triangle nose for this one. My kids amaze me every day with how much they are changing, growing, and learning.

Helpful tip: When cutting out facial features trace your shape onto the cutout paper to help get the proportions right.

Here we have one silly pumpkin....glasses and mole all at the request of the little artist. I love it! The mustache mouths were moms picky artist let me have that one. When I suggested circle eyes he wasn't having it. HA!

Here is how I constructed the display support for the art. Cut out a wide piece of your construction paper. I cut from side to side and half as tall as my pumpkin. Then crease the middle.

Folded in half, cut an angle from the tip of open end up to your folded end. You just want a slight angle so it will stand up. I didn't get it in the pics but cut the angle completely off.

Then on the open end fold about a half an inch of the paper back on both sides.

Kind of like little wings. These are what you will glue to your artwork.

Dab your stick glue onto the folded flaps that are facing out in above pic.
Here is a photo of flaps with glue.

Then press flaps to the back of your art work and press well. Let dry

Ta-Da! Your done! Beautiful artwork on display. My little guys was so thrilled with his work. Every time someone comes into the house he takes them over to see his masterpiece.

Here is a side view and you can see how it  works. Very simple and easy. Plus it frees up my poor fridge. I hope you and your little artist create some fall pretties to display!

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