Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Faux Chenille is in the air~~~

Faux Chenille is in the air right now. Especially among my favorite sewing mamas (you know who you are). I had long ago decide to jump on the band wagon. I have had all this fabric set aside for about 6 months just waiting to be put together. I actually swore I would never make one again after my wild adventures over a year ago with my first faux blanket. That was on my old machine. My new one handles it perfectly and now I don't mind sewing them.

It all started with this Spaceman flannel that K saw in the fabric store one day.He found it in the remnant bin and would not leave the store without it. So i decided to pick up some other flannels while I was there and make a soft, cuddly faux chenille blanket for him. Now that E is much more independent I was able to get it all put together.

I spray basted all my layers and went to town sewing all my layers. If you aren't familiar with a faux chenille blanket or how to make one I am going to include a few links to help you with creating your own. I would have but seeing as I made mine here and there I didn't take the proper photos for a tutorial. Here where I first learned of the blanket .... Aesthetic Nest and here are a couple others ..  MADE and Mercys Mom. All wonderful tutorials!

Don't you just love the soft glow of a sewing machine light.....ahh, I do. ;)
 Now if you aren't familiar with the faux chenille technique I will try to explain a little. You sandwich 4-5 layers of cotton or flannel fabric (you will need a fabric that will fray). Use a good spray baste to make sure your layers stay together. Mark a center line diagonally across your fabric and begin to sew down that center line. You then go out about 1/2 an inch and continue to sew lines parallel to the center diagonal until you have covered the whole blanket with the lines. After you have finished sewing you cut in between all the lines making sure to only to cut the 3or 4 layers of flannel or backing. You do NOT want to cut the front. Also be careful when cutting in the channels because it is easy to catch the front fabric.  

After you are done with all your cutting, square up your blanket, bind it and throw it in the wash a couple of times. You will come out with one of these little beauties!I love how it turned out. The colors worked perfectly together. Plus my boys both love it and all its cuddly goodness.

Here is a close up of all the frayed goodness on the back. It is oh so soft. It completely warms my heart to see one of my little guys dragging this thing around. I  love it when they like what I have made for them.

Here is the first Faux chenille blanket I made. It was for a friends little girl. I could not find the right combo of flannel at the fabric store for this one.  I purchased a package of coordinating receiving blankets that matched perfectly. 

Now fall weather is creeping up on us and these little cozies are just the ticket. Whip one or two or 10 for the little warm loveys in your life!;) Happy Sewing!


  1. I am trying to avoid those....even though they look like GREAT fun!

  2. Oh I am gonna have to make Al and Sk one!! I love it!! You did a great job!!

  3. Heidi I know what you mean. They are great fun but they are time consuming. They are so soft and cuddly though.

    Yes Jarah you should! I bet the girls would love a couple of these little blankets. I know it is starting to get chilly up there and the flannel is nice for snuggling. Imagine how cute they would be all snuggled up under one of these.;)

    If you ladies make some don't forget to share some pics....I would love to see them!

  4. I made Lil'bug a large lovey size one to try it out. She LOVES it! I need to make her an actual blanket now!

    I love the fabric choices for both of those blankets! I am horrible at deciding if things "go" or not! haha

  5. Love it! I wonder if this technique would work on a pillow for my couch? Thus being a 'smaller scale project' for my first time. I so want to try!

  6. Yes it will Karen! I have seen a few pillows done this way and I was think about a bib for an upsoming babyshower I going to attend.

  7. <3 Thanks for the link back! Your blankets are beautiful!


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