Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sumo Baby Halloween Costume!

So this year K insisted on being Iron man. I did not feel up to the challenge of making an Iron man outfit so we bought one. E  is too young to choose so Dad had a brilliant idea. Sumo Baby! He is around 23 pounds and quite the chunky little monkey. So it was a go. I did a lot of research on the actual Sumo gear and took notes. It was surprisingly simple to sew and I personally loved it....I will let you be the judge...

I couldn't find a wig in his size so I made a crochet beanie with a folded ponytail in back.

Here is a view of the back. I think it is such a funny costume. All the people handing out candy really got a kick out of the suit.

I am going to try to break down the construction in words. I did this the day before Halloween so no process pics. Sorry...i am a slacker. :) It is a basic T shape. I measured my son's waist and divided by two. With that number I cut a small piece of foam. Then I took the waist measurements and added a little length so I would have enough tail to tie it twice. I decided how wide I wanted it and then doubled the number. So I cut my waist band and folded in half. I sewed the length of the waist band and left the ends open. I slid my foam in, centered it, and then sewed the fabric closed on each end of the fabric to hold my foam in place. I turned and pressed the ends of the waist band and top stitched closed.

For the flap I just eyeballed the length. You want it long enough to come over the waist band and then a few extra inches. I simply cut a rectangle as wide as the front of my sons diaper and hemmed the edges. Turn your waist band right side facing down and attach the flap to the bottom inside of the waist band under the foam. I did gather mine just a tad. You are done. It is that simple. I put it around his waist and made 1 simple knot in the back. Take your flap and come down over the front of the diaper, when you are half way down start twisting the fabric to get the look in the back. Bring your twist up over your knot and use those extra inches of the waist tail to make another knot over the flap.  Tuck the remaining flap around the waist band  and you should be left with two small tail pieces sticking out. That is the look you want. I believe I have it in a pic above. If I have done a horrible job explaining this please email me and I will try to explain better.

For the hat I did a simple beanie and added the flaps in like you would ear flaps just on the crown of the head. I started large and decreased down to the base on the top flap. the bottom flap I left the same size from beginning to end so it would resemble the thickest part of the pony tail.

I also threw together a quick diaper coverTutorial Here @ Danamadeit and  robe. It isn't very cold yet but can get slightly cool at night so I thought the robe was a nice little wind blocker. Although he really didn't need it.

I hope I explained everything ok. Again if I didn't feel free to comment or email me and I will try to give you a better description.
~I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!~


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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