Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Making colored sugar with gel food color~

 For the upcoming holidays I thought it would be fun to do holiday sugar. I usually have play dates every week or so and almost always have the in-laws over so it is nice to offer festive sugar with their coffee. It was such a hit I  ran out with out taking a picture of it in my pretty sugar jar. I plan to make some more soon and will add a pic then.

To get the above affect you will need:
Food coloring
( I had gel on hand but I am sure any food color will work....just read the color chart on the back)
Cup, Bowl, or Zip lock baggie

Pour your desired amount of sugar into a cup, bowl or zip loc. Now also keep in my the amount of sugar you use will determine the amount of food coloring you will use. I have a small sugar dish so I didn't need a lot.

Reading the back of the food color box I got the right amount of red and yellow to make Orange and then the amounts for green. If you are using gel and a bowl or cup just use a spoon like this. If you are using a bag place the gel directly onto the inside of your bag. Just keep in mind you may need to add more color depending on the amount of sugar.

Then just mix well and pour onto a flat surface to dry.  There you have it, festive holiday sugar! I think I may make more for Thanksgiving in similar colors....maybe brown, red, and orange. Then Christmas colors....red, green, and white. Simply, easy holiday decor. Trust me all your visitors that come over for a cup of joe will enjoy this fun treat!


  1. Cute idea!!!! I have colored sugar for cookies, but never thought to just do it for decoration!

  2. Thanks Heidi! I was actually making sugar for my mother-in-law to use on some cookies for her womens group and thought it would be cute sitting in my little sugar jar for coffee.

  3. OH I can see my coffee service now for the next gathering I host! Great tip!

  4. Happy hosting Karen and Thank you!

  5. I am thinking Christmas! I have a bunch of coffee addict friends, and this will be a perfect addition to a gift. Little jar with a bow on top!

  6. Thanks for commenting Destri! That sounds like a perfect gift.:)


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