Friday, November 4, 2011

An oraganized and decluttered Medicine Cabinet :)

So the other day Mr. Wonderful says to me " Do we really need to keep the boxes and papers to all these meds?"  Well of course we need to keep these, crazy. He doesn't like clutter at all. So I thought of a quick fix that would keep us both happy. This....

Now let me explain.....
I took out all of our medications and  separated them by what they were for and who they were for. Then I took all the boxes and paper work out. I like to keep the boxes and paper work because sometimes they say more than the bottle and what happens if I need that info and the box is in the trash.

I forgot to take a pic but all these boxes were in this cabinet with the below items. I sorted this a little in the bottom pic because I was to embarrassed to show you how crazy it was in there. :-O

I cut all the boxes down to only kept the important parts. On the underside of these boxes I wrote notes that come to mind with each medication that I felt was  need to know info.

I then found my hole punch, a freezer bag, screw hook and a drill.

I punched a hole in the top of the ziploc under the threads where it would hold up to hanging.

I pre-drilled a small hole that would accommodate my screw hook in my cabinet door. Make sure this won't interfere with your cabinet door shutting. You may have to place it in a certain spot so it isn't in the way.

Placed all my info, thermometers, and little misc. items that were lying around the cabinet into the ziploc.

Then I placed my baggie onto the hook. They are all  together in the cabinet and everyone is happy. 

Our meds are all in place by person, purpose, and use.
Now I can look at this cabinet and know exactly where everything is and have everything I need without the clutter. Mr. Wonderful had a great idea. He said I should sew a fabric bag with a vinyl front so it would hold up longer. Awesome just to get around to it. I have a to-do list longer than the Mississippi. Ha! I will get to it though....that ziploc will only hold up for so long.

Hope this gave you some ideas in your own home.

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