Thursday, February 2, 2012

~Venturing into something new~

So I have been MIA for a week or so.
I am sure you can guess what I am venturing into by all the photos. Having only little boys I have been getting my feel of handmade girly stuff through my friends. I have been told before that I should sell my goods. So I am doing just that. I am trying to stock up an inventory of different hair accessories that I will sell online and locally. I am really excited I have been a SAHM for almost four years now and a new adventure is just what I need.

I am really digging the large flowers. I think the Peonies are my favorite.

How cute are pinwheels! Everyone loves a pinwheel. I am planning to make all of my headbands in two pieces. Any decoration will be on a clip so that it can be worn 2 different ways. All clips will also be lined with the no slip grip for fine hair.

Of course there will be bling!

I am also doing a few different styles of smaller clips like this. I will also have 2 inch Pinwheels for small clips and a few of my own designed bows.

K, my 3 yr. old, was terrified of the Mannequin head. The girl that rang us up at Hobby Lobby didn't like her much either. She couldn't stand the feel of styrofoam. Pour thing got goose bumps just looking at it. Can you see her nose and the small dents in it? E bit her nose off and i had to do a little cosmetic surgery. LOL!

Just a few different flowers...

Lately I have been feeling kinda ugh and stuck in a rut. I told Mr. Wonderful I felt like maybe if I took a little more interest in myself I might feel better. So I got some new make-up (Thanks for all the help Megan) and took on some new hair styles. I already feel much better. What do you think? Oh and I got the hair tips and some makeup tips from Super Kawaii Mama ...She is Awesome!

I plan on getting the site up and running for online purchasing soon. Keep a look out for a link on here. I plan on just starting a small one of facebook for now until I get a feel for things. Please email me with any questions or for customs. I am more than happy to work with you if you have a certain dress or outfit you my want to match. You can find my email address in the About Me section at the top of the page.
Wish me luck!!!

P.S. Let me know of the pictures are too dark...I need to make a white box for photos.


  1. This is so exciting!! I am also glad to see you jumping into 'girlie' things. What a great adventure. And if I can say so - love the makeover. February is the worst for the blahs!

  2. Karen you are too sweet for words! I really appreciate all the words of encouragement! :)Thank you for the makeover love!!!


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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