Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almond Joy Whipped Cream!!!

So like most things found in my cooking this was completely on a whim. I had made the Chocolate Cream Pie from this book.

 Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts

It was Delish!! The only thing I changed was the pie crust and the chocolate. I used a plain pie crust instead of a chocolate wafer cookie crust and semisweet chocolate instead of bittersweet.

Now for the Pièce de ré I made the Almond Joy Whipping Cream. It is quite simple and I am sure it has probably been done before. You make the cream the same way you would normally... 1 cup of heavy cream beat until soft peaks form and then add 1/4 cup of confectioners sugar. This is where I got a little creative. I thought ok  I don't want the same old cream, lets mix it up a bit. So at  this step I got out the Almond Joy coffee creamer I picked up the other day and added 2 tablespoons slowly to the bowl. Then I just beat until stiff peaks were formed. I was SO GOOD! Not to mention it complimented the chocolate very well.  It was simple and quick. Only one extra ingredient and no extra time or steps spent.

Almond Joy Whipped Cream

1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1/4 cup Confectioners Sugar
2 Tablespoons of Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

Beat heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form. Make sure mixer is on low or the stir setting and slowly incorporate confectioners sugar and coffee creamer. Once incorporated beat until stiff peaks form and chill or serve. DO NOT OVER BEAT. If you over beat your cream turns stiff and grainy.

I hope you enjoy this! We sure did!!

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  1. Mmmmm Almond Joy? I didn't even know there was such a thing as Almond Joy coffee creamer! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Ashley! It looks great!


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