Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow Family Clay Ornaments: Part 1

So every year we get a family ornament with our names, pets, and the year on it. This year I decided to tackle making our ornament. I will say it is a very fun task that definitely gets better with practice. I do have a link to an awesome crafty mom who makes my clay work look like childs play.Sarah at the Spicy Pinecone has a great tutorial and tons of tricks and tips. I highly recommend checking out her blog. She is a wonderfully creative mommy.

Now I used the plain jane Sculpey Original.Next time I will take Sarah's advice and use the stiffer studio clay and the softener.
Here is K's little snow man. I think I am going to put our initials on our hats and the dogs names on little snowballs.

Here is little E. It was so hard making all the tiny parts with the soft clay. That is where I am hope the stiffer clay will be different. The clay was heating up and becoming really soft as I was working with it. That does not make for a nice looking tiny carrot nose. It took me FOREVER!!!

This is me. ;) I am really happy with how I turned out. What do you think?

Here is my Mr. Wonderful. He is a ball cap kinda guy so I figured I would be true to his fashion. I love it! His nose turned out the best. I really like the little crook in the end of the carrot.

They are all finished now and almost completely painted. I am going to join them all together and then  I will share the finished products.  so what do you think of them so far? They aren't perfect but I am extremely happy with how they turned out.  Do you have an ornament family tradition? Feel free to share!

P.S. Hopefully I will have a tree skirt to share with you in a day or so. I have kinda hit a creative block with it.  It still feels like it needs something....hopefully I figure it out before Christmas!

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  1. Ashley- I love them! There is nothing like a handmade ornament to show that you really put forth time, effort, and thought. Can't wait to see them once they are painted and I'm sure your boys will adore them! Great job! :-D

  2. Thank you ladies!!! Oh and Merry Christmas!

  3. These are wonderful! They remind me of snowman ornaments my aunt made in a pottery class WAY back in the 70s. My mom still has all three - each with a different colored hat and our names on them. We treasure them!

  4. Thank you so much Karen! I wrote our names on the hats too! I can't wait until next year to make another one. I learned so much next year will be even better.


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