Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~Crochet Slippers and Headbands~

I am in LOVE with these slippers! To bad they aren't for me. ;( These were a gift for my mother in law. She loves little slippers. I found this site for slipper making and used the base of the pattern and grew from there.Good Knits

I wear in between a 6.5 and a 7 in a women's shoe. In the pattern where she does 24 stitches in the round and then increases to 32, I stayed at 24 stitches and continued the pattern. When I came to creating the sides 17 stitches was the magic number for me.  With this sole it is all about fit. You really need a good measurement if you are making these as a gift.

After I finished the sole I did 1 round of single crochet and then did a reverse single crochet with decreases in the corners to size. Sorry I am not sure if reverse single crochet is a real crochet stitch or the correct name but I simply did a single crochet just entering under the loop from the back. I am very new to crochet and learning through books and YouTube so forgive  me all you veteran crocheters. Oh and I also recommend using some really nice, soft, fluffy yarn for these. I love silky smooth yarn but it made it slightly uncomfortable walking around of the stiff double crochet stitches.
I whipped these up one night for my mom. This is her foot modeling them for me on Christmas.

This is a set of Ear warmers I did for two sisters. One has a flower and the other a snowflake. I took measurements of their heads exactly where I wanted the headband to rest and took off an inch. I did a chain getting my length and then a small section of single crochet right until the band meets the ear and then I changed the stitch to a double crochet all the way across until I reached the point where it came past the ear again and I went back down to the single crochet. The next 3 or 4 rows were all single crochet. I wanted a solid section covering the ear so they would be functioning ear warmers.

After that I did the reverse of the first two rows. I did a slip stitch all the way around the warmer to finish the edges and them made a couple flowers. One was really large for the front and then a small one to act as a button attached to the back. I stitched a small loop opposite of the small flower and Viola I had a cute little ear warmer.

This is the back side of the snowflake warmer. There is a small loop around the snowflake that is attached to the other side to hold it nicely in place.

The last one is a little headband for a friends little girl. She is about 6 months old. Again I took her measurements and subtracted an inch. For hers I did a single chain to get my length and then a slip stitch to join the two ends. The next row I did a single crochet, then a double, then another single, and finished off the with a simple slip stitch all the way around for a nice finished edge. I gave her a nice big snowflake atop to where for the holidays. Thinking about it now I should have put the snowflake on a clip. I think the next time I go to visit I will do that so she can where the flake as just a bow. To do that you simply cover an alligator clip with some ribbon and hot glue the snowflake to the covered clip.

I am really enjoying the crochet projects I have been learning. The items seems to work up quickly and I find it extremely relaxing. I love that I can take it from room to room and even to doctors offices to kill time while waiting. if you haven't tried it you should. It is pretty simple it just takes practice. YouTube works wonders! I also got a ton of helpful tips from the book Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker  by Debbie Stoller. Plus it has some really cute, fun patterns in it.

If anyone has any helpful crochet tips or crochet corrections(I am still very much a crochet newbie) for me feel free to leave a comment. Happy crocheting!!

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  1. Love your slippers and headbands....cute job! Mel's Designs...'n Harmony


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