Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Spools

In the fabric store certain fabrics grab my attention for certain projects. While my intentions are great at the time I don't always follow through with a project. I have been known in the past to stash and dash certain fabrics. Usually I  forget I have them. Horrible right....well I think I have found a solution. Project spools. This is great for projects with smaller cuts.

Currently I have some fat quarters for a fall/winter table runner. While redoing my craft room I found them stuffed away, still in the bag :-o This is what prompted this idea.

Empty Tulle spools or any larger type spool
(you could probably cut a paper towel spool in half)
Small rubber bands
post its or small scrap of paper

Start by pulling the label and stickers off your fabric. Unfold then length ways but don't unfold them the rest of the way. If your fabric is from the bolt just fold it so it is long enough to wrap around your spool and narrow enough to fit on your spool. Line them all up one on top of another.

Take your empty spool and start wrapping your fabric sandwich around your spool.

After it is all wrapped slip a small rubber band over the spool and fabric. I used the little elastic for hair. There are like 50 in a package.

 Write your project info on the post it and slip it under the band. This is also a good place to write little notes about your project you don't want to forget.

Find a cute little container and store within plain sight. I put mine on a small pedestal so I would see it every time I go into my craft room to remind me to do those projects.
This really helps me stay on top of my projects and keep my stuff a little more organized.

Added tip...I use the giant mailing tubes for wrapping and storing quilt tops that aren't finished. You can purchase these pretty cheap or buy a poster. This is what they usually come in. We purchased a couple posters for K's room and I knew instantly what to do with the tubes.

Erdie Industries Twist-N-Pull Mailing Tube, White Kraft, 12 Pack, 1 1/2" ID, 12" Length
Pic from


  1. I do so much better when I have things bundled and ready to go myself!

    Love that wire tell where you got that!!

  2. Heidi I am so glad you asked about the basket. It was an awesome find. Can you believe I found this in the clearance section at walmart for ....wait for it....$2.00!!! I grabbed a couple of those and they also had the black snack tier thingy behind that on my desk for $2.00. You can kinda see it in the last two pics.

  3. OH I have my 'bags' too! This is great - I love that its all labeled. My craft corner needs some 'Fall Cleaning' so I can get started again!

  4. Ashely - who is going to win RUNWAY!??! I have such mixed emotions about Enya (sp?) and her skills. I think Viktor (sp?) could but his stuff has been so ... blase IMO. ??!

  5. Karen I am scared to say. Everytime I think someone is going to win they get second place or somewhere in the last 5. (Mondo, Nick, Korto)
    If I had to guess on skill alone I would say Viktor. I don't know if the two girls are skilled enough to pull out a cohesive line with range. I am sorry but I have never cared at all for Josh's design. IMO his stuff is to over the top and tacky. Plus I really do not care for his attitude or lack of manners. Sorry to anyone who likes Josh...those are just my thoughts. I do like Viktor the most but I agree he needs to be a little more daring with his design.


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