Monday, October 10, 2011

Book + Little Boys = Book Repair Post

My boys love to read. They also do
not quite understand the importance of treating their books nicely . In their excitement to read a new/old book this happened. Luckily for me throughout grade school and high school I worked in the library during some elective spots I had. We came across many neglected books. Being a smaller school with  even smaller funds we had to repair rather than replace. This is how we did it.

Repair supplies:
Clear packing tape
Victimized book

You start by lining up the torn pages or in my case the cover and the remains of the book. Place the packing tape at the top of you page so that half of the tape is on the torn page and the other half is on the spine and book. Cut your tape at the bottom flush with your book. Wrap your tape and press really well, making sure to keep everything lined up.

For the pages you line them up just the same. Make sure there are no gaps between the pages and the spine or your book will not line up when closed. Place your tape at the top of the page straddling both pages. Press firmly. Trim tape flush with the bottom of your book.

There you have it. Good as new! Well maybe not brand new. How do you like that lovely bite E took out of the corner. Silly kid. I have since had to move all the books up a couple shelves. This lovely book was one of many a friend gave me when I was pregnant with K. They were from her childhood in the 50's. One of my favorite shower gifts.

Yes ...that is a hot pink robe sleeve. LOL It was early  and I was still in P.J. mode. ;)

So next time your little monster slays a book see if it is salvageable before tossing it. Books can be expensive and a penny saved is a penny earned! ;) Happy Reading Everyone!

Added tip....we would also do this to a book at the first sign of damage to prevent more damage. Say you have a small tear at the base or a page is coming loose. This will help prevent further damage.


  1. I have had to do this a lot and it works great, thanks!

  2. Your Welcome Heidi...Thanks for the inspiration!!


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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