Saturday, May 28, 2011

I really should make a crafting list!

Sometimes I think my eyes swallow more than I can take on but I go for it anyway. Usually I am waist deep into a project at 1 am. LOL. Will I ever learn....I doubt it. So after seeing all my crafty friends work on my sewing group I have now caught the urge to quilt and crochet. I did buy a few crochet needles and some batting for quilts. I am a little familiar with the quilts having made a few but have no clue when it comes to the crochet. I may have made a few chain stitches as a girl with my grandmother but that is the exent of my crocheting. The project I really want to do is a large crochet rug for my boys bathroom. I have some old stained white tees I plain on dying and making into a rug. You know.... reduce, reuse, recycle. I also need to finish my mothers birthday gift before they get here next week. Not to mention I have a list a mile long of sewing and crafting projects I have bookmarked. Well I guess I should get to it. No time like the present! Quote of the day....
Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.~ Benjamin Franklin

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