Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Paper!!!

So my youngest son just got his first tooth. He is trying to chew on anything that will hold still long enough. Last night while the hubs and I were watching a movie I whipped up a little baby paper with some ribbon chewers for him. Baby paper is just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together with a crinkle type of material in between the layers. I finished off a bag of sun chips and used that. I washed it of course and then cut it about a 1/2 inch smaller than my fabric to allow for seam allowance. I also added some loops of ribbon to the sides with a really secure stitch. He loves it!!! It was such a hit and it is very easy for him to handle. If anyone is interested I can give further detail. I will try to get some action shots of him playing with it later. Right now it is nap time.

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