Monday, July 11, 2016

Life Changes!! Where have I been!?!?

Oh my have I been neglectful!!!! I have not posted here in an embarrassingly long time! In case you were wondering I am still here! Haha! I have been keeping up on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube but have been horrible with keeping up with the blog. Well a lot has happened since my last post. I took the plunge and created a YouTube channel!!! I have never really shared my art but while I was taking plunges I thought what the heck! I also created an Instagram account. If you have not seen them check them out! I will add the links below. I also joined the Amino Art community. If any of you are part of the community check me out. Come say hello and share your art!

Instagram information.....
I am still active on my Facebook page as well.

As far as life goes, there have been a lot of changes there as well. Since our littles were preschool aged I have homeschooled them. Life was good. We lived in sunny Florida, had our kids and chickens at home, and were content......or so we thought. Florida is ok but something was missing. Mr. Wonderful was great at his job but that did not mean he nessarily loved it. The state is ever growing more populated and the heat is a lot if you have lived in it for a while. 15 years was a lot! Haha  We really thought about it and decided our hearts were in his home state of Alaska. We came up with a game plan and made it happen. Now we are by no means rich or have amazing connections. We simply figured out what we wanted and worked hard to make that dream a reality. So here we are on our new journey establishing in the beautiful Alaska! 💖 We could not be happier! You can seem pictures of our trip on my Instagram post!

Hopefully I will be more current here and post more often. Let's see if I can make it happen. 😉 Maybe get some of my art posted! I need to figure out how to upload my pictures from here. Hehe! I am working from a different source that what I was use to and it looks like changes were made to posting. I will figure it out. I hope everyone has a great week! Drop in on Instagram and YouTube to say hello!!

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