Friday, April 5, 2013

Craft Table and Mini Craft Room Reveal !!!

Hi all! I know i have been promising a craft room reveal for a long while now. I think over a year to be exact. Honestly it still isn't finished and I am not sure that it ever will be. It is ever changing with my ever changing adventures. Haha! I did take some pictures so I decided to share a peak. These room pictures weren't intended for a room reveal so please forgive the fact that everything still isn't perfect.
I was in need of some major storage so Mr. Wonderful decided to give me a crash course with some power tools. Now I know how to use most of the but to completely honest the ones with blades scare the bejesus out of me. :D He helped with the top and the rest was done by yours truly. I was so proud of myself when it was finished. Of course I still asked him a bazillion questions but I did all the physical work. It is no where even close to perfect but I love it! I may have cut the shelves wrong and put them in backwards or messed up a pilot hole or two but I got the job done, finally. Oh and this table was based loosely off of the craft table on She has tons of amazing plans. I plan to practice some more with my woodworking skills and her wonderful plans.
Because I am such a newbie to working with wood I purchased two small bookshelves. I found these at target. While they weren't in the plans exactly they worked for me.  I wanted things open and easily accessible so I left the front shelves open and added extra support underneath them. It is wonderful to have such a large work surface. it will come in handy cutting fabric and using for my bookbinding. The shelves were more than sufficient for my storage needs. One side is dedicated to fabric and the other my bookbinding supplies. I need to make spool holder for the embroidery thread and then that shelf will be used for bookbinding supplies. Oh and did i mention Mr. Wonderful surprised me with an Embroidery machine!!!He really is my Mr. Wonderful.:)
I found these cute tiered stands at Walmart on clearance for 3 bucks! I knew they would be perfect for storage so I snagged a  couple.:) I found the adorable little buckets in the dollar section at Target. I couldn't resist them and bought a few for me and a few for the boys. 

Everything was moved around to house the large table. My sewing table found a new home under my pretty Cocoa Cola ladies. You can also spot a certain little someone trying to convince me to take the gate down so he can meddle.

I still need to find another solution for the computer/book station but this will work for now.  The table is quite short. Maybe some leg extensions.  I was marbling excuse the mess in the floor.

And last but not least I bought a folding table to house the new embroidery machine. I have shared it before but you can also see my scrap storage on the back wall. Shoe cubbies are wonderful for scrap fabric.:)

Here is a blast from the past of my humble sewing beginnings. I started in the closet in the room. It was the spare room with a craft closet.  Fast forward 4 years and it is a craft room with a spare bed.;)

Excuse the mess in this pic....I am sure I was mid project and we all know how messy creativity can be.:)
Hope you  enjoyed reading and  found some inspiration for things on your to-do list!

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  1. Thanks for inspiring us by sharing what you got in your craft room. This space looks like an office space too because you have a computer and other important supplies too.


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