Sunday, September 23, 2012

Remember update and some herb drying tips.:)

Greek Basil
So I guess I took a little break. Summer brought many fun new adventures for us. We started some new fun activities, made new friends, and attempted to grow some vegetables. ;) We fill our days with play dates, story time, and family nights. Not that I don't like blogging but I think it was a nice change. You know how sometimes you get so involved in something you forget to look around. Well I have been looking around. These moments are precious. My boys are 2 and 3 and I don't want to miss this. :) So my post will be here just in between the all the little moments. I wanted to share a few picks with you guys.


While our vegetables weren't very bountiful (we are working on that) our herbs were. Our little herb table was full of dill, basil, parsley, chives, mint, and onions. We also have a big rosemary bush planted in the yard. When the herbs are ready for harvest I just wash them really well and hang them to dry in a dark, dry corner in my kitchen. Once they are dry I store them in a zip loc baggie until they are ready to be used. You get the best flavor if you wait to crush them right before using them. Hopefully next year we will have a better vegetable turn out.

Basil Harvest
Hoping you all had a wonderful summer!

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