Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spreading the word....Please keep it moving.

While checking my face book page today I saw a post from Hayley over at the The Mouse House Blog. It is a heart breaking video from a father standing up for his son. This video is very eye opening and sad. The things that were said and done by the people in this classroom audio is so very upsetting and completely unacceptable! The fact that the school and officials allow them to still teach is horrifying! I really hope these words spread and there is action taken on behalf of these beautiful children whom have been subjected to this unbelievable classroom. So please pass this along....speak for the children.

Edited to add a link for his petition..... Here


  1. Whoa, "messed up" doesn't even begin to cover it. That man has a lot of self-restraint in my mind. What kind of sick person treats a child like that?!

    1. Yeah Sarah I thought the exact thing about the self-restaint. Those people are very sick, without a doubt. Truly saddening.


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