Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sewing madness!!

You know when you hit that moment in your craftiness when you are like....Really...Did I just do that!?!...What was I thinking!?! AHHHH. Well this was me last night. I will admit sometimes my urge to create blinds my ability to really think things through. So what simple task would I make increasingly ironing board cover. Yes a simple ironing board cover. How in the world could I make that difficult? Trying  to sew it at 12:30 am because I really wanted to get it done. That's how. LOL So here are some photos of how not to do this....

So when I took my old cover off I noticed the manf. had just sewn a channel with a cord fed through it (like a drawstring). I thought I will do that as well. In my haste I cut my fabric and started my channel. Yeah I totally forgot the cord. I should have pinned my cord down and sewn the channel over it making sure not to catch the cord. I would have been done. Alas, I did not and had to feed the whole cord through with my loop turner.....

Yeah this tiny little hook and this slippery cord through all  that narrow channel...what fun, let me tell you.(can you feel the sarcasm) I was so irritated.

Here is my naked ironing board laughing at me. I swear I could hear the chuckles. (See in my haste to get this posted I forgot to flip this pic) I need to learn to cool my jets.

 Here is part of the tedious threading. Thank goodness you can't hear through these pictures...I probably really hurt my loop turner's feelings. LOL

I did finally finish the ironing board cover and I am pretty happy with it. As fate would have it, the batteries died in my camera right before I took a pic of the finished product. Of course that would happen. After I charge the batteries I will try to remember to share a pic. So do you have moments of sewing madness you would like to share or vent about? Feel free...thanks for listening to me whine. ;)


  1. I cut my fabric upside down for Aleah's Auburn dress last night. you know the one i posted on fb of Sophie... I had just enough fabric to do Aleah's and I totally effed it up!!

  2. Oh no Jarah! That really stinks. I hate when that happens and believe me it has happened more than once in my craft time. LOL Maybe you can cut it in half and make Aleah a pillowcase top instead of a dress. Hopefully the fabric wasn't too expensive. You should check out the Fabric Donkey site on my blog list. She always list the best prices for fabric on line, sales and what not. Her site is super helpful when trying to find fabric to fit your budget. I hope you were able to salvage it in some way or another!;)

  3. I did exactly that.. I made her a shirt and it's just as cute!!! I was so frustrated when I cut it wrong though. Than my mom and melanie said that it happens to everyone.. I fixeed it though and I have since then made two more dresses and I didn't mess them up lol...


Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for making my day! ;)

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